I am AdeMa, the fashion designer and the producer of the fetish costumes

Why am I a fashion producer?

I miss elegant and sexy fashion on the market. Not only for women but also for men or trans people as well. I am also a creative person who likes to experiment with the materials and personalities who like to be original. And at least but not at last I really love latex:)

How long I have been doing that?

It's been more that 15 years. I started when latex was only a legend circulated about latex in the Czech Republic. Later I had the opportunity to work for the world famous DeMask, and that moved me a lot further.

Who is the latex suitable for and who is not?

Latex is for anyone. It does not have to be just models with perfect proportions. By the way - members of my team I work with at my events are normal people, with a normal job, with standard proportions. And with most of my customers it's the same. I want to create not only a beautiful idyllic world from catalogs, but also a world for common people. It does not mean  that I do not enjoy working with professional models.

The most popular model?

Honeyhair. I have a close working relationship with her. We've known each other for many years and I admire her journey to where she got. But I also love all members of my team. They are people with standard jobs and common life.. They work in non-profit sector, they are managers, even business owners but physical workers as well. We are connected by love for latex and also by common values. We do shows together, transform into different roles and I am sure you wouldn't recognize them in normal life.

Me and photo-shootings?

I like to shoot my models. But I need a story. That's why I like taking pictures outdoors. Every photograph, every show, must have something more than just a presentation of the models.

Me and the fashion shows?

I do 1-3 shows a year and it's the same with them as taking pictures. It is not just a presentation of the models, but a show with a story where the main role is played not only by the costumes, but also by the people in them.

Me and the modeling?

I like designing and producing the costumes for models, doing fashion shows, but I'm basically a shy girl. I present myself with my models. I put a piece of myself into each of them. That's why I love original designs that don't copy anything that exists. I prefer to have customers who let me free and do not know what I will create until the last moment.


I strongly recommend:

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